playing catch up – part 2

It’s funny how you can grow up in a place and still find new places. I went to Spokane to see family and relax. That led to an impromptu visit to a family friend’s lake cabin on Pend Oreille Lake. We took a boat ride on the lake, and it completed summer for me. I established a life goal then as well: boat & lake cabin.

The next weekend after that trip we visited Orondo, and it was mid cherry harvest. Finally got see the boyfriend’s family operation. You don’t really realize (or I didn’t anyway) how many pounds upon pounds, probably tons, of cherries come out of an orchard until you see a bin. Just one. I’ve never seen so many cherries!

I’ve been back and forth across the state a number of times just this summer. Another trip is coming up & another trip to Portland is coming too!

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