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Autumn Child

Well ya caught me. Last week I was bitching about Halloween candy being in stores and then today while out grocery shopping, Ryan & I passed the decorations to which I exclaimed, “Ooh, I want to buy all the things Halloween!”

Ryan then promptly called me out. Whoops. I can’t help it though. Autumn is a profound season for me mentally. Perhaps because some of the most impressionable moments from my teen years were in Autumn, so a very deep nostalgia is felt when I smell the leaves & have Depeche Mode playing.

It’s a romantic season. you could say I worship it. The pulling out of boots, sweaters and scarves; the purchasing of autumn scented candles; playing Celtic music playlists I’ve carefully curated for the season; these are my rituals.

I wish I could explain the Celtic music one. I’ve always been drawn to the British Isles & their ancient past. I’ve romanticized it quite a bit in my head & though I’ve never been, I have this very clear idea of what autumn in the UK looks like. Though I’ll get to find that out for myself in a few weeks!

Outfit Details:

Top: Zara
Jacket: Sam Edelman
Boots: Bucco
Bag: Michael Kors Sutton Medium Satchel
Pants: Paige

And as an aside, Zara’s autumn landing page design is on point. Love. (I nerd out over good design.)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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