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Of Sun and Cold Shoulders

My parents moved to Arizona a few years ago and I will say it is quite nice to come and visit mid-winter and escape the dreary grey sky and utter soaking wet of Seattle. Even if the Arizona evenings are chilly, you can still wrap up in a blanket and sit by one of those snazzy chic patio heaters and enjoy the evening.

Though this last visit in January was chilly with lows in the 40s (I was cold and I like my heat, what can I say) and a particularly chilly breeze in the shade during the day, it was wonderful to sit in sunshine for lunch and wander around without the threat of rain.

One day was spent wandering around a part of Scottsdale with my mom and another, a short hike with my dad, and even in 70 degrees, it is apparent that I am acclimated to the Pacific Northwest and it’s dampness. It’s quite amazing how the desert literally sucks the moisture out of you just after a little bit of time outside.

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I’ll be popping back down in April for warmer days and another spa day with my mom, which I don’t think I ever blogged about last year but it was a treat. I’ll be sure to share the deets come April because a spa experience in Arizona is nothing like what I’ve experienced in Seattle.


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