Summer Boho Queen

It was so nice and warm for but a moment and then the PNW spiraled back into the June gloom that leaves me thinking it’s autumn. It was 90 degrees one day and now it’s in the 50s. Though things warm up slightly in the evening.

I’ve been living in skirts when the weather calls for it and I’ve been settling into that pretty heavily recently. I’m loving flowy airy skirts that make me feel like a witchy boho queen and I certainly felt like that with this outfit.

I went through a very chunky statement necklace phase a few years ago and all that jewelry has been hanging on my jewelry rack for a bit. So I’ve been starting to re-incorporate those things to my wardrobe. This was a necklace I had stocked in my jewelry shop when it was up and running. If you’re interested in purchasing, shoot me an email. I have a few in stock ($20 + shipping via PayPal).

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It’s my birthday week and as I approach 31, I can tell I’m settling into a certain aesthetic and these skirts are definitely a part of that. I’ll have to go through and purge some things from the closet to make room for more of them because that’s definitely happening.


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