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  • life

    Using Vacation Days To Stay At Home

    I’m not a full-time blogger & work in tech for my full-time gig. In my early and mid-twenties I didn’t have the best work benefits when it came to vacation time…

  • style

    The Moon and The Stars

    This is one of the joys of second hand shopping that I’m coming to love: finding something that so perfectly fits your style, is good quality, and is otherwise hard to…

  • garden

    Starting Spring Seedlings

    Despite waking up to snow falling yet again the other morning, spring does appear to finally be here in the Seattle area. We just happen to be at the right elevation…

  • style

    Soothe My Soul

    Since it seems I’ve been standing on a soapbox talking about second hand shopping & independent brands, I thought I’d revisit this delightfully rocker chic brand I partnered with on Instagram…

  • style

    Snowed In

    It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen so much snow fall in the course of a weekend. Seattle was hit with so much snow it crippled the city and…

  • style travel

    Of Sun and Cold Shoulders

    My parents moved to Arizona a few years ago and I will say it is quite nice to come and visit mid-winter and escape the dreary grey sky and utter soaking…