Layering With Leather

Putting on this leather bustier felt like I was strapping on armor…and it was kind of empowering.

It’s been unusually warm for autumn in the pacific northwest so everyday has not been sweater and Sorel boot weather. Even though it dumped rain for 4 days straight we’ve mostly had sunshine and it almost hit 70 degrees over the weekend. But with November rolling in, it appears those warm temps and dry days are vanishing.

The weather tends to dictate what I wear because I like to be comfortable and cozy, so I’ve been dressing a little more adventurously. I love this leather bustier, another snag from the Nordstrom sale over the summer. And also another one of those pieces I bought for autumn but hadn’t pulled out until now.

And honestly it really did feel like I was putting on armor. Physically, emotionally and mentally. Something about leather is so empowering. Especially when it elevates your style and is chic. I stomped through the first day of Seattle Interactive Conference feeling like the Xena Warrior Princess of web designers. It was great. I wish I felt like that more often!

Now that it’s November, it’s time to pack up the Halloween decor and replace it with neutral autumn decor. I already miss October, it was so delightfully colorful and festive this year. Maybe that’s just the feeling that comes with owning a home but I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to roll around so I can decorate for Yule/Christmas.



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