Soothe My Soul

Since it seems I’ve been standing on a soapbox talking about second hand shopping & independent brands, I thought I’d revisit this delightfully rocker chic brand I partnered with on Instagram last year: Pink Sheep Heiress.

This top is from the brand and the material, cut and color just screams alternative to me. I’m not a rock n roll gal but I am a Depeche Mode superfan and this just seems like it should be in a Depeche Mode music video, or if that’s not possible, at a concert. Hence the title of this post.

Soothe My Soul – Depeche Mode

Shop: Pink Sheep Heiress

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For me Depeche Mode goes beyond just music, it has influenced my style in fashion and even my career in design. They are my north star for many things and it’s funny how I find current things I’m interested in that end up relating back to Depeche Mode when they weren’t even on my mind. Life is funny like that.


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